Does art exist? Or, is it a collective agreement of skills practiced over millennia? Where is the line drawn between revolution and unnoticed?


Growing up in Wilson, Wyoming my parents would drag us out on hikes all summer followed by family ski days during the winter. These constant excursions helped develop a love for extreme sports, specifically skiing, that continues shaping me to this day. Around the same time, a passion for drawing and design began emerging as I was being exposed to a variety of different art forms.

When I decided to go to the Art Institute of Portland I had initially planned on majoring in graphic design, however, having designed and produced my own T-shirts in high school, my mind kept wandering toward apparel design. At orientation, they were splitting the crowd and at the very last second I chose the apparel program. 

As a result, apparel has become my inspiration. It has challenged and pushed me in ways I never would have been able to imagine. The ability to engineer the fit and function of garments while combining a mixture of silhouette and style lines allowed my aesthetic to grow into an active wear inspired focus. My mission as a designer is to create abstract and original ways of achieving the same and/or improving the functionality of a feature or the garment as a whole while still being able to please the eye.

Achievements and Recognitions

  • Berlin Based Kaltblut Magazine and Blog – Editorial, photographed by Charlie Hawks.

  • Jackson Hole Skier Magazine – Article chronicling my life and path to becoming a designer.

  • Portland Interview Magazine (fashion Issue) – FashioNXT editorial.

  • Portland Fashion Week – FashioNXT emerging designer debuting Evolve Collection Part 2.

  • Projections AI Fashion Show –Debuted Evolve Collection Part 1.

  • Inside Fashion Design – Article summarizing Evolve collection and journey as a designer.

  • Stio Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook and Blog – Article summarizing my path to becoming a designer.

  • Portland Style Awards – Awarded secondplaceforupcycled white onwhite design challenge.

  • Showerspass Design Competition – Awardedsecondplaceforfashionable commuter jacket.