Does art exist? Or, is it a collective agreement of skills practiced over millennia? Where is the line drawn between revolution and unnoticed?

A small team worked to develop a brand concept, business and marketing plan, and a capsule collection for a brand launch. My role as lead designer was to create the visual concept, garment designs, and construction of prototypes. Focusing on unisex athleisure apparel, soft curves were mixed with long angles. The color palette and textiles reflect the brand’s risk-taking customer.

Rise creates garments that are meant to be worn without social restraints. The focus is on men and women as individuals: reworking silhouettes to create genderless clothing. Rise goes beyond the norm by blending masculine and feminine details to create lasting and versatile pieces that bridge the gap between affordability
and accessibility.

Marketing: Evelina Taraylo & Conner Knight

Design & Development: James Hunt

Photography: Sean May

Models: Jesse Lee & Grace Scuitto