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A new style for Stio’s 2017 Men’s Collection, inspired by your classic field shirt. Experimenting with different angular style-lines and applying a non-traditional textile, producing a shirt/jacket hybrid for summer.

Design a pro-model jacket for ski legend Benny Wilson. The priority was to design for function without compromising the aesthetic.


During a two-month internship at Stio, an outdoor apparel company, I transitioned from measuring garments to designing apparel for the 2017 Men’s Spring Collection.


Steve Sullivan, founder of Stio, told me that he wanted to collaborate with local ski legend Benny Wilson in order to create the ultimate all-around ski jacket perfect for skiing in backcountry powder, or cruising inbounds. I was offered the design challenge.


Benny is co-founder of Swift Silent Deep: a collective of skiing enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of big-mountain skiing. My father, Rick Hunt, is also a member of Swift Silent Deep, so I was raised around local ski legends from a young age.


After returning to design school and pondering ideas for the coat, I sent Benny a questionnaire. With his feedback, along with my skiing experience and additional research, I began to sketch concepts. The Bennator jacket was taking shape.

Re-design a classic half-zip shell into a new mountain lifestyle summer jacket. Simple and clean zipper hand pockets, with an asymmetrical cord-lock at the waist.

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Re-inventing the oxford shirt for an updated minimalistic outdoor style. Subtle angular details compliment a unique pocket style.

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